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First of all, how does it differ from “Kat Bytes”?

Katching Up with StudioKat Designs” is our all-new wholesale newsletter and it’s TOTALLY different from our consumer publication, “Kat Bytes”! Right now our plans are to send out a really cool newsletter once per month which will include a round-up of links that we’re sure store-owners will think are worth clicking, in topic areas such as marketing, social media tips, and industry trends to mention just a few. There will also be occasional updates and announcements about new StudioKat Designs products and our annual Sample Spree. And here’s the best part… it’s free!

So…let’s “Katch Up”, shall we?

Just click on the button above to begin receiving “Katching Up with StudioKat Designs” in YOUR Inbox (currently on the 21st of each month). If you’re already on our consumer newsletter list, it’s fine with us, we’d love it in fact if you decided to be on BOTH  lists!  (But please note that only store owners are eligible to sign up for our wholesale publication.) And don’t worry, in the unlikely event that you find nothing useful in our newsletter there’ll be a hotlink at the bottom of every newsletter so that you can opt out of future mailings.

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The distribution of “Katching Up with StudioKat Designs” is automated, and will not respond to Spam Blockers that request confirmation of emails prior to delivery. If you utilize spam blocking software and wish to receive our newsletter, please manually include the following address on your acceptable, unblocked, or “white” list…        info@studiokatdesigns.com