Kitty Central

There’s a new kid in town!

By popular demand, here is the page dedicated to spoiled cats everywhere,
and to my two knuckleheads, who lead the pack!

Otherwise know as “Your Almost Daily Purrrr” (YADP for short), my buddies are very excellent studio assistants, and I just don’t know how well the business would run without them! Besides, they provide me with some much needed comic relief! Here are some of the more popular stories we’ve shared about my two little buddies!

(And just so you know, we lost our Jeter in late November of 2013 after a very short and shockingly swift decline with an adversary  much stronger than him. I still miss him. But we recently met a little rescue kitten and took him in. I kinda think we needed him even more than he needed us. His name is Pippin and you can see much more about his and Joba’s misadventures on our FaceBook & Instagram page.)

Just click on each story “image” for a larger view.


“How can we keep Jeter off our Counter-tops?




“Meet Jeter’s New Brother”




“Jeter Rules”- (this is a two-page story)




“Paparazzi”-(this is a two-page story)





“Jeter Hunts”

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