Tips & Tricks

Kat’s Magic Bag of Tips & Tricks

to make sewing easier, quicker & more FUN!


Here’s Our Bias Tape Series-

8 Reasons to Make Your Own!
How to Make Your Own Bias Tape
How to Apply it SMOOTHLY!
Our Bias Tape Application Video

Here’s Our Magnetic Snap Series-

Mag Snap Placement– the easy schmeazy way!
Sew-in Magnetic Snaps a quick video-torial
Sew-in Magnet Stitching Tips– here’s a few tips that will make the process MUCH easier!
Will Purse Magnets Damage my Credit Cards?  the surprising truth!

Here’s Our Photography Series-

How to Take GREAT pictures – of your finished projects!
THREE Tips for Better Pics
Great Project Photos- It’s Really Not That Hard!

Here’s Some Basic Bag-Making Tips-

SMOOTH Curves Ahead
Adding an Adjustable Cross-Body Strap is EASY!- its interchangeable between bags too!
Covering Your Bag Strap (part 1)–  it’s quick, easy & gives your bag a totally professional & finished look!
Covering Your Bag Strap (part 2)– here’s how to cover your strap in 2 different fabrics for a cool look!
Sewing Through Tight Curves– without tears
What kind of Interfacing do we recommend?
Cutting Advice- What do I do when I run out of “fold”?
DIY Bobbin Holders– no more tangled mess!
Personalize Your Bag Interior with Elastic Slot Holders!
Fabric Lamination is EASY!
The Right “UnderGarments”

Working with Specialty Fabrics-

Working with a REALLY LARGE print– placement tips
Working with “Cuddle Suede” by Shannon Fabrics
The NEW Laminates– advice for using laminated fabric for our Purse Inserts
Using Iron-on Vinyl  with our Porta-Pockets Purse Insert
Eight Ways to Improve Your Fussy-Cutting

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