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Classified Ads in “Kat Bytes”, our Newsletter

The “Kat Bytes” email newsletter delivers a fast-growing, loyal and highly receptive audience for your advertisement. It’s currently mailed monthly to sewing enthusiasts whose interests range well beyond handbag construction, to also include clothing construction, quilting, machine embroidery, patchwork, home decorating and crafts. Let us help you get the word out and in front of this audience about your product or service.

Current Circulation- We currently publish our newsletter on the 13th of each month to over 25,000 subscribers. It includes links to fun & interesting news and topics.  Browse our archives HERE!

What is a Classified Ad? 

They’re a lot like the ads that run in newspapers only they’re digital and more awesome, PLUS they’re affordable, fun and easy! We currently offer THREE types of ads

  1. Newsletter Sponsorship– (one spot available per issue- $60) includes one 150w X 200h pixel image and up to 500 characters of text including up to THREE hotlinks (located in top 1/3 of our newsletter). (limit one sponsor per newsletter)
  2. Image + Text ad– (two spots available per issue- $30) includes one 150w X 200h pixel image and up to 140 characters of text including 1 hotlink (located in bottom 1/3 of our newsletter).
  3. Text only ad– (three spots available per issue, $15) includes 140 characters of text and one hotlink (located in bottom 1/3 of our newsletter).

Here’s how advertising in our Newsletter will help you:

It’ll help you get the word out about:
– a new pattern or product
– a service you provide such as sewing, editing, virtual assistance or graphic design
– your own email newsletter
– an online shop
– an upcoming event or contest, like a conference or a sew-along
– your Facebook group, or anything else you’d like people to know about!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose an available date & purchase the space.
  3. Write the text and/or create the image (in jpg format please). (Image can be no more than 150w X 200h in pixels).
  4. Submit your text & image (if needed) to
    Please remember that we MUST receive ALL ad material by 5pm on the 11th of the month.*
  5. I approve the ad & insert it into the classified section. Classifieds appear in order of purchase. For top billing, buy early.
  6. * It is your responsibility to submit your materials by the deadline (by 5pm on the 10th of each month). We are not responsible nor will refunds be granted if ad material is not submitted in timely manner. We recommend noting the deadline on your calendar and submitting the material in plenty of time that the ad can be “tweeked” if necessary.

NOTE: All ads are subject to editorial discretion. We reserve the right to reject any advertiser or advertising. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

For further information-

Contact us by email at or by phone at 866-409-8634 (it’s tollfree).

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