PPC9- One for the “Road”


I’m sure I’ve mentioned how excited we are to be traveling to southern California this month (actually NEXT week!) for the Road to California Quilter’s Conference & Showcase… (only a half a dozen times or so, right)? Well, as it turns out, the 2015 Road2CA show is going to be the 20th Anniversary show and there’s going to be a few special things going on to commemorate this occasion, one of which is a very special handbag display. And guess what? I feel very honored to have been asked to make a handbag for this display! Yay!


Here’s the info I was given about the display:

1) Everyone starts with the same commemorative fabric that was designed especially for the 20th anniversary of the Road to California Quilter’s Conference.

2) We make the handbag of our choice featuring any of the motifs in the fabric that we favor and then ship it to the organizers in advance of the show so that they can build a very special display.

So… once I got my fabric package in the mail…

I started making my plans!

This bag display is an excellent opportunity for us because after all, this is our very first West Coast retail show. It’s a new area of the country for us and what better way to introduce our products to ALL the attendees, that to create a compelling sample of our newest design!
And what’s even better is that the zipper that just happens to look the best with this fabric is the one we added to our line last fall… the one that’s totally unique to our product line ONLY!    🙂


I was told at Quilt Market that this very fabric would be available on the Road to California website very soon and I’m sure it will be available for purchase at the Conference too!

smRoad2CAopenWe’re REALLY looking forward to leaving the cold January temperatures of North Carolina. The third week of January is traditionally the coldest of the winter for us, so won’t it feel GREAT to leave it all behind for the sun and warmth of southern California. (Oh I know it might rain some, but it won’t be 23 degrees in the morning either, will it?)

smRoad2CA1And to top it all off, the hubster has never been to California… EVER!  That should make for some great fun and we’re really excited about developing our West Coast presence and meeting & greeting as many of you from this area as we can! Look for us in Booth #2106, which I think is in the pavilion.



So off to California it goes!

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

If you’re planning on attending the Road to California Quilter’s Conference and Showcase I’d LOVE to hear from you. I’m dying to know some details about this show. For those of you who have attended other shows as well, what are the main things that make the Road 2 CA show unique? Where are the best places to eat, and arethere some fun things to do in Ontario, CA that we absolutely should not miss?

And we actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it via FaceBook, Twitter or Pinterest!


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  1. Your bag choice is perfect for the way it really shows the fabric details!! Have a great time and tell all when you return please!

  2. Margaret Johnson

    Perfect for their fabric!! Love it!!

  3. Totally perfect! You do such great work!

  4. That is so COOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did!

    that is so special! You are soooo talented!

  5. I’m guessing the hotel and the show will have plenty of info on Ontario itself.

    Depending on how much time you have, here are some other suggestions (and the So Cal AAA book will be most useful):

    End of route 66 at the Santa Monica Pier. Drop south on Euclid and head west on 60 to the end. Follow directions for parking and walk the pier, then hit the beach to stick a toe in the Pacific Ocean.

    Disneyland, of course!

    Knott’s Berry Farm — the fried chicken dinner and boysenberry pie is legendary.

    Farmer’s Market in LA and the LA County Museum of Art (aka LACMA), along with the La Brea Tar Pits.

    Universal Studio Tours

    Grand Central Market in LA

    Fashion District in LA — many shops are open to general public and great finds in ribbons, trims, flowers, etc., can be found.

    • Thanks Anna- I love love doing any one of those things I am sure,,, but we won’t have a car, so we’ll be pretty much limited to doing thiings in Ontario itself. Maybe next year/…………

  6. I Love this Bag n the Fabric
    can’t wait to get my pattern
    have fun at the show
    while I’ll be stuck in cold N.C.
    Hugs Sharron

  7. Wow! Just beautiful!! Have a great & fun time!

  8. I love the bag!!

  9. Have not been to this show, but your bag should be a winner. I love it! It’s my style of bag and I plan on ordering and making it! Have a great time in California!

  10. Gorgeous bag! The blue trim and red interior are perfect. Excited to make my own!

  11. I just love the way your bag turned out! You did an awesome job (as usual)!

    It’s been a few years since being in California, but I agree with the list including the Pacific, Knotts Berry Farm, and Disneyland. I don’t know how far from all of them you’ll be. I’m sure you will discover some cool place and share it with the rest of us who are freezing in our hometowns this winter! We’ll look forward to your updates when you return home!

    Have a great show and a wonderful time!

    • Well….I don’t know how much we’ll “discover” without a car. We really haven’t built any extra time into this trip so we’ll mostly be working, although I am in the market for some great restaurant recommendation in Ontario. Maybe next year (if we return) we can take a couple extra days and have some fun? 🙂

  12. Great job on your bag and the placement of the script! How cool that it will be in a special handbag display. Hope you and the Bub have a wonderful show and trip. 🙂

  13. This bag should really shine in the handbag display. And what a great opportunity to introduce your product line to a new region. Awesome job!!
    Enjoy the warmer weather, rain included. I don’t know why the first thing one hears is the worry of rain when heading to a warmer region. They must not have much experience with cold winters; wouldn’t you say? Also is peculiar to read about a US city being named after a Canadian province. But then, that’s just me.

  14. Unfortunately, you will be out in the “sticks” in that part of Ontario. The only close restaurants are with the hotels there. There is a Marie Callendars behind one of the hotels. Ontario Mills Outlet Mall is about 10 minutes away but not within walking distance. There is more of a restaurant selection there. Lucille’s BBQ is a popular place. You will be surrounded by airport and some office buildings, but not much for any kind of retail or restaurants. There is not even a Starbucks close by.
    The show is very well attended. Many folks come on bus trips so they don’t have to drive. When the bus crowds leave, the halls get pretty empty. Parking is rather a nightmare.
    The convention center building is really nice and you will have a great view out the back of our local mountains, though not from inside the halls. They probably have boxed lunches available each day again.
    I am looking forward to seeing your both that I have read so much about and purchasing some of those fun zippers.
    Safe travels, Rosemary Axtell